Are Striptease Workouts Good for Transgenders?

Doing a regular workout routine that you really enjoy is one great way to fitness. People who want to stay fit can attend different workout classes, such as yoga, dancing, Tai chi, aerobics and the different gym classes. A new type of aerobics is getting the attention of many fitness buffs – strip aerobics.

Strip aerobics, popularly known as Cardio Striptease, is a type of dance routine that features sensual and erotic moves. Pole dancing is a part of cardio striptease. This type of dancing can be seen performed by women at nightclubs where they dance and strip off their clothes in order to arouse the audience, which is predominantly male.

Cardio striptease features movements that border on the exotic side but it is now widely accepted because of its benefits to wellness and health. Cardio striptease is available at the gyms, health studios, and shown at your favourite TV show. It is promoted by many celebrities, which include Carmen Electra, a model, singer, and actress.

Cardio striptease is best performed while the music plays. The best lap dance songs, which include such hits as “Na Na” by Trey Songz, “Cookie” by R. Kelly, “Black Widow” by Iggy Azalea, or “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias usually accompany cardio striptease performance.

Cardio striptease is a whole new way of getting fit and staying healthy. You can actually dance the routine and take off your clothes to the full extent but it is not actually required. You can dance while mimicking strip-like moves without the need for actually taking off your clothes.

Health benefits of cardio striptease dance

Since cardio striptease is a dance aerobics, you will get the same benefits you get from other aerobic exercises. At the beginning, cardio striptease was considered the ideal exercise for women, the trends now are changing as it now involves many men. Strip aerobics is good at promoting self-awareness, allowing you to appreciate your own body and your other abilities. Cardio striptease builds self-esteem, confidence, and is good at relieving stress and anxieties which are common elements of modern living.

Cardio striptease or strip dancing provides a great cardiovascular workout. It is beneficial to the respiratory system and the heart. It strengthens the immune system and improves blood circulation and helps in warding off infectious diseases. You will enjoy sweating in this type of workout.

Cardio striptease does not require special equipment other than your outfit and a music player. You may even dress up as a stripper, either male or female. You can go to the extremes if you will be dancing in private. You can include any move that will enhance your performance and makes you satisfied with your dancing.

Cardio striptease and weight loss

Cardio striptease allows all muscle groups to get a full workout. You will be able to improve your posture, balance, and tone your abdomen, back, arm and leg muscles. If you have issues with your weight, you can start with a light but fat-burning cardio striptease to help solve your problems.

Some forms of cardio striptease, such as lap dancing and pole dancing are both intensive workouts. They will provide you with effective weight loss program. The dance routines can better enhance your creativity, working both the upper and lower body as it improves your flexibility, which allows the body to burn more of the stored fat and shed off unwanted weight.

Your excess weight will be shed off through the spinning, constant bumping, movements of the arm and head, and other dance moves. Cardio striptease works well like any sport that when played on a regular basis will allow you sweat more and burn more fats and calories.

Just like other workout regimens, cardio striptease is one good way to shed excess weight. There is no need to trick the brain to eat less and resort to the restrictive diets that will cause you to degrade or endanger your health due to lack of nutrients.

Cardio workout is an ideal workout for people of different sizes and shapes. Whether you are male or female, or anything in between, the cardio workout is for you. Transgenders who performed the exercise routine will be able to feel more like the gender he or she has adopted. A transgender’s self-esteem and confidence will get the needed boost as he or she masters the dance moves of cardio striptease.

And yes, striptease workouts are good for transgenders, too.

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