Are Striptease Workouts Good for Transgenders?

Doing a regular workout routine that you really enjoy is one great way to fitness. People who want to stay fit can attend different workout classes, such as yoga, dancing, Tai chi, aerobics and the different gym classes. A new type of aerobics is getting the attention of many fitness buffs – strip aerobics.

Strip aerobics, popularly known as Cardio Striptease, is a type of dance routine that features sensual and erotic moves. Pole dancing is a part of cardio striptease. This type of dancing can be seen performed by women at nightclubs where they dance and strip off their clothes in order to arouse the audience, which is predominantly male.

Cardio striptease features movements that border on the exotic side but it is now widely accepted because of its benefits to wellness and health. Cardio striptease is available at the gyms, health studios, and shown at your favourite TV show. It is promoted by many celebrities, which include Carmen Electra, a model, singer, and actress.

Cardio striptease is best performed while the music plays. The best lap dance songs, which include such hits as “Na Na” by Trey Songz, “Cookie” by R. Kelly, “Black Widow” by Iggy Azalea, or “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias usually accompany cardio striptease performance.

Cardio striptease is a whole new way of getting fit and staying healthy. You can actually dance the routine and take off your clothes to the full extent but it is not actually required. You can dance while mimicking strip-like moves without the need for actually taking off your clothes.

Health benefits of cardio striptease dance

Since cardio striptease is a dance aerobics, you will get the same benefits you get from other aerobic exercises. At the beginning, cardio striptease was considered the ideal exercise for women, the trends now are changing as it now involves many men. Strip aerobics is good at promoting self-awareness, allowing you to appreciate your own body and your other abilities. Cardio striptease builds self-esteem, confidence, and is good at relieving stress and anxieties which are common elements of modern living.

Cardio striptease or strip dancing provides a great cardiovascular workout. It is beneficial to the respiratory system and the heart. It strengthens the immune system and improves blood circulation and helps in warding off infectious diseases. You will enjoy sweating in this type of workout.

Cardio striptease does not require special equipment other than your outfit and a music player. You may even dress up as a stripper, either male or female. You can go to the extremes if you will be dancing in private. You can include any move that will enhance your performance and makes you satisfied with your dancing.

Cardio striptease and weight loss

Cardio striptease allows all muscle groups to get a full workout. You will be able to improve your posture, balance, and tone your abdomen, back, arm and leg muscles. If you have issues with your weight, you can start with a light but fat-burning cardio striptease to help solve your problems.

Some forms of cardio striptease, such as lap dancing and pole dancing are both intensive workouts. They will provide you with effective weight loss program. The dance routines can better enhance your creativity, working both the upper and lower body as it improves your flexibility, which allows the body to burn more of the stored fat and shed off unwanted weight.

Your excess weight will be shed off through the spinning, constant bumping, movements of the arm and head, and other dance moves. Cardio striptease works well like any sport that when played on a regular basis will allow you sweat more and burn more fats and calories.

Just like other workout regimens, cardio striptease is one good way to shed excess weight. There is no need to trick the brain to eat less and resort to the restrictive diets that will cause you to degrade or endanger your health due to lack of nutrients.

Cardio workout is an ideal workout for people of different sizes and shapes. Whether you are male or female, or anything in between, the cardio workout is for you. Transgenders who performed the exercise routine will be able to feel more like the gender he or she has adopted. A transgender’s self-esteem and confidence will get the needed boost as he or she masters the dance moves of cardio striptease.

And yes, striptease workouts are good for transgenders, too.

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As a Transgender, Which Shower Should You Use?

shower-faucet-1296208_640Transgender rights have become a very controversial issue these days. Progressive activities keep fighting for the rights of transgenders to choose whatever bathroom that reflects their true identity. Conservatives on the other hand oppose this idea, pushing forward the notion that allowing them to choose any bathroom simply promotes harassment on little girls.

With the victory of Trump, it becomes an even more difficult fight. Though Trump himself seems to be fine with the LGBT community, the people surrounding him are not. There were talks about appointing conservative Supreme Court judges who will overturn marriage equality. Trans rights will most likely be pushed further to the back. Obama’s executive order on allowing trans kids to choose whatever bathroom they identify with in school might also be discarded.

This is indeed a tough time, especially if you are a transgender. Your already limited right will further be gutted because of a Trump in the White House. It does not mean though that the fight is over. In fact, his victory only means that you have to keep fighting. We all have to work hand in hand to make our voices be heard and push forward a more progressive agenda, especially when it comes to the rights of the LGBT community. This is not just limited to trans people in the US. This fight applies to the LGBT community around the world.

Use the bathroom you identify with

As a transgender individual, it is important for you to fight for what you know is right. It is not your fault that you don’t identify with the gender people believe you should. This must not stop you from choosing a bathroom you are comfortable with. As long as you are not doing anything wrong, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Rights are meant to be fought for. If women did not fight for their right to vote, they could not have voted until now. If there was no civil rights movement, we might not think of each other equally just because our skin colors are different. The road has just become more complicated, but the fight must continue to live on.

Buy power shower

If you live in a state or town where your rights are not yet acknowledged, you can ignore those bigots for now and have the best shower at home. They can’t dictate to you where you should shower and what shower you should use. You have more freedom at home. Better yet, you should invest on the best power shower. This is a more modern version of the shower as you know it. This uses limited water supply, but the effects are great. It is advocated by environment-friendly groups. You should give it a shot and revolutionize your bathing experience.

Our society will continue to change. There will come a point when trans rights will become universally acknowledged. It might not happen in your lifetime, but it will surely happen. As long as fights continue, success will soon be at hand.

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There’s Something about Stephanie Hirst

There’s Something about Stephanie HirstIt can be a tough task to make a name for yourself as a transgender personality. There will always be discrimination, scrutiny, and insult. But none of that ever fazed Stephanie Hirst. The road to self-acceptance was long and treacherous, but Stephanie managed to weather the storm with her high-heels on.

There’s a lot to learn from her struggle and her story, and this day, people look up to Stephanie as an inspiration in order to learn how to accept themselves and forget what the rest of the world has to say.

Early Years

Stephanie Hirst was born Simon Hirst on July 31, 1975. She grew up in Leeds where she started her career at the age of 12 in the radio industry. She was mostly a helper, simply serving tea to DJ’s and radio guests. She moved her way up the ranks and by the age of 16, had already secured a spot on an overnight show at the same station.

Career and Personal Life

Simon Hirst was your average guy – except of course for the fact that he didn’t feel that way at all. When Simon reached the peak of his career, he felt his personal happiness was incongruent with his professional success. There were times that he had steady, long-term girlfriends and he never felt uncomfortable telling them how he felt only because he always thought he would never do anything about it.

For years, Simon struggled with the disparity between his gender and identity, often considering many ways to just end it all. But one day, the man decided it wasn’t time to end his life. And that’s when he came out to the public and announced his plans on becoming a woman. The world was stunned, but just as soon as the words came out of his mouth, thousands (if not millions) of supporters poured their love and acceptance for the man. This made it clear to him – he had made the right choice.

Simon took a break from his radio DJ job while he underwent gender reassignment. His fear was that he wouldn’t be able to be as successful after the sex change, but the worries were quickly turned aside. Stephanie Hirst couldn’t be any more successful than the woman she is now

These days, Stephanie Hirst is doing more than fiddling with the buttons and knobs on the high tech DJ controllers at the station. She is also a strong advocate of self-acceptance. She believes that the examples set by herself, Caitlyn Jenner, Kellie Maloney and numerous other transgender individuals has set the stage for a greater acceptance of their needs.

Facing the Reality of Undergoing a Transgender Surgery

After consulting with a gender reassignment surgeon, you need to face the reality of the imminent surgery. Being a transgender who has faced the surgery and its effects, here are my suggestions on how you need to prepare yourself for the surgery.

You need to decide if you are doing the right thing. You need to know if the decision you have taken is wise and helpful all through your life. With the surgery, you could be moving towards the next major phase of the gender reassignment path. You need to ask yourself several times if this is what you want to do. You should make sure you do not regret turning into a transsexual or undergoing hormone therapy. Notably, there are people who live their life in their desired gender by pursuing surgery. If you have decided to undergo the gender reassignment surgery, here some things that you should be prepared to face.

You should decide who you live with. There are not restrictions for a transsexual person to live anywhere they want, but you should be prepared as people around you feel you are an exception. So, housing might become an issue as you decide to undergo gender reassignment. In fact, many trans friends have struggled facing ab
usive flatmates and securing a place that might be comfortable could be difficult. Also, you need to consider the after effects of the surgery. You will have to take weeks or even months of rest without work. Analyze if it is possible as each one’s work is different and your annual leave matters a lot.

Keep in mind that right after consulting your gender reassignment surgeon, you will not get any confirmation on the date of the surgery. It can even be scheduled in six months’ time. In the meantime, talk to your surgeon and clarify all the doubts that you have regarding the surgery or it’s after effects. You might get frustrated with waiting for so long making you anxious and worried as the surgery will have an effect on your life plans. Be prepared to know how you will handle the effects of the surgery though it might seem daunting.

Once you are prepared to face the surgery, you will be given a documentation related to the operation. You will be instructed how to prepare yourself for the pre-admission appointment. Sometimes, you might be asked to stay in the hospital for a week or so. All you need to keep in mind is you do not choose the transgender lifestyle. You need to choose how you will fit into the society, play the role that suits your chromosomes, find a loving relationship with people who do not abuse you and live a great life.

Before you face all this, you need to make sure you approach a qualified, experienced and open-minded surgeon specialized in the area of transgender health care. This segment of medicine is tough as it requires the surgeon to understand the unique issues in a transgender’s body. Also, apart from a surgeon, you need to consult a physician, endocrinologist, therapists and others based on your health and requirement. You need surgery and appropriate surgical care as well.

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Transgender Surgery – Recovery from the Surgery


After thinking a lot, I went under the knife to get the sex reassignment surgery done and recover at home with my parents. Though the recovery might range from weeks to months, the pain gradually fades away giving way to the pleasure of getting what I desired.

Eventually, like any other person, one might get worried about undergoing the gender reassignment surgery. Also, one might get worried thinking of its aftermath. The looks after the surgery, the period of recovery, the way others look at you, everything will be surrounding you. The same happened to me. I could not feel glad or relieved. I was suggested to take a fortnight of full time care that was provided by my parents. I took rest, relaxed and enjoyed home cooked food.

Basically, the sex reassignment surgery involves the altering of the person’s body type by changing the physical attributes as per the person’s desire. So, there are chances for the person to develop infections in the private parts where the surgery has taken place. I too developed a vaginal infection and suffered from the pain and got a new medication to treat the same.

The new list of medication is sure to make your energy levels low as you would already be facing low energy levels due to the surgery. The painkillers are sure to take a toll on your body that is striving to heal. I spent almost hours in bed all through the day having a very little sleep at night due to the pills and pain. I chose to stop the antibiotics that slowed by recovery, but I realized that it was steady.

I experienced limited movement as lying down is far less hurting than sitting. I was encouraged to go out for a walk, but I could hardly reach the road’s end as sharp pains were experienced at the nerve endings that were reconnected. At the affected area, I get a throbbing ache and unbearable pushing sensations that stayed for almost weeks. However, the recovery period was quite boring for me.

Talking about the recovery time, it is not only a painful time physically but also a strange time mentally. The discomfort and discharge that take place will stop you from developing a positive relationship with your altered body. You will get the constant urge to stay active, but your inability to even walk for a few meters will make you feel frustrated.

Gradually, the things were improving, and I went on a tour with my friend. This was three and a half weeks after the gender reassignment surgery. I started familiarizing with my new changed body and stepped up my activity by meeting my friends in cafes and testing my pain barrier by going out to places. Slowly, as I enjoyed my new body, the pain started fading away, and I started enjoying things that were happening to me.

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