Decide About Gender Reassignment

Gender reassignment is not a very easy choice to make as it will be very stressful and confusing to take the final decision as this is an irrevocable path. Once the surgery is done, there are no possibilities to get back to the previous life. So, one has to be completely sure about the decision that is going to be taken in order to avoid later regrets. Even when a person agrees to the procedure, the question that will be nagging the person inside the mind is “whether I am doing the right thing or not?” only if a person is able to overcome this question the process can be done peacefully.

This process is suggested by the WPATH for the interested people, and it is not a mandatory procedure. Even if a person is willing to undergo this procedure, it is necessary to abide the protocols that are laid by the gender identification clinics. This will be asking for at least three months before the hormone prescription. Also, it is necessary to spend two years before the sex confirmation surgery. This long time period is given to the person so that there are no regrets after the surgery is completed. Most of the people are willing to undergo this type of surgery because they want a positive identity in the community. In fact, many transgender people might have faced a lot of rejection and hatred from their friends, family, staffs and so on. In order to overcome this trouble, they decide to change their gender.

It will not be an easy decision to make even if a decision is made physiological treatments and other activities will be done so that it will be easy to know the final intention of a person. This is done because many people after the surgery is completed feel that they are not having the right body i.e. they feel a female soul is in a male body. These types of problems cannot be treated surgically, and the procedure that has been done already is also irreversible. Normally, these cases are very rare but still it has to be accounted. These problems will not occur if a person regrets genuinely before the process is carried out. In case, after the procedure has been started, if the person wants to rethink or wants to opt out from the treatment, this is possible.

When a study was done on the satisfactory levels of the people who have undergone this treatment, the study stated that the satisfaction level is around 95%, so there is no requirement to worry too much about the process success rate. Even the 5% of unsatisfied people many were worried about the poor outcome of the surgery and not about their decision. There are even people who argue that there no need for the transsexual surgery as they are satisfied as they are and there is no necessity for any sort of transition in their body. Psychiatry plays a very important role in the transition phase.

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