Facing the Reality of Undergoing a Transgender Surgery

After consulting with a gender reassignment surgeon, you need to face the reality of the imminent surgery. Being a transgender who has faced the surgery and its effects, here are my suggestions on how you need to prepare yourself for the surgery.

You need to decide if you are doing the right thing. You need to know if the decision you have taken is wise and helpful all through your life. With the surgery, you could be moving towards the next major phase of the gender reassignment path. You need to ask yourself several times if this is what you want to do. You should make sure you do not regret turning into a transsexual or undergoing hormone therapy. Notably, there are people who live their life in their desired gender by pursuing surgery. If you have decided to undergo the gender reassignment surgery, here some things that you should be prepared to face.

You should decide who you live with. There are not restrictions for a transsexual person to live anywhere they want, but you should be prepared as people around you feel you are an exception. So, housing might become an issue as you decide to undergo gender reassignment. In fact, many trans friends have struggled facing ab
usive flatmates and securing a place that might be comfortable could be difficult. Also, you need to consider the after effects of the surgery. You will have to take weeks or even months of rest without work. Analyze if it is possible as each one’s work is different and your annual leave matters a lot.

Keep in mind that right after consulting your gender reassignment surgeon, you will not get any confirmation on the date of the surgery. It can even be scheduled in six months’ time. In the meantime, talk to your surgeon and clarify all the doubts that you have regarding the surgery or it’s after effects. You might get frustrated with waiting for so long making you anxious and worried as the surgery will have an effect on your life plans. Be prepared to know how you will handle the effects of the surgery though it might seem daunting.

Once you are prepared to face the surgery, you will be given a documentation related to the operation. You will be instructed how to prepare yourself for the pre-admission appointment. Sometimes, you might be asked to stay in the hospital for a week or so. All you need to keep in mind is you do not choose the transgender lifestyle. You need to choose how you will fit into the society, play the role that suits your chromosomes, find a loving relationship with people who do not abuse you and live a great life.

Before you face all this, you need to make sure you approach a qualified, experienced and open-minded surgeon specialized in the area of transgender health care. This segment of medicine is tough as it requires the surgeon to understand the unique issues in a transgender’s body. Also, apart from a surgeon, you need to consult a physician, endocrinologist, therapists and others based on your health and requirement. You need surgery and appropriate surgical care as well.

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