Take Your Transformation to the Top – Why Exercise Matters for Transgender People

Take Your Transformation to the Top – Why Exercise Matters for Transgender PeopleFor transgender people, the disparity between their self-concept and the reality of their physical appearance can cause great emotional and mental stress. There are a lot of difficulties that come hand in hand with a contradicting sexual identification and assigned sex, and that’s why countless transgender individuals have resorted to searching for means and methods to seal that gap.

While surgical procedures and hormone therapy are effective ways to minimize the mismatch transgender people experience, these are both costly methods and might pose certain risks and dangers that some people might not want to put themselves through. Exercise is a great, cost-effective, low-risk activity that doesn’t only improve your physical ability, but can also alter your appearance to better fit the mental image of what you believe you should look like.

Benefits of Exercise for Transgender Individuals

Exercise has always been beneficial – no matter who undertakes it. Whether you’re joining the fitness bandwagon to lose a few extra pounds, or if you just want to improve your physical capacity, exercise is a low cost means of achieving your goals whether or not you have a gym membership. If you have a bike and a nice place to take it out for a spin, or if you have access to an open road or path ideal for a run, then you have everything you need to be able to perform some decent exercise. You can even invest in some quality exercise equipment like rowing machines so you can sweat it out while watching TV.

Transgender individuals can obtain a particularly important advantage when they perform exercise the right way, and that is, they can help shape bodies to become either more feminine or more masculine. Because transgender people struggle with achieving congruency between their outward appearance and their internal ideas of themselves, exercise can greatly assist in filling in the gap.

Transgender Exercises to Become More Masculine

Biologically female individuals are often wider at the hips than they are at the shoulders. Females generally have less muscle bulk in their arms and chest. It is also worth noting that females posses breasts, which are one of the easiest ways to determine a person’s gender. However, woman to man transgender individuals might want to conceal these qualities in order to comply with more masculine features.

To attain a more masculine look, it is ideal to focus of muscle building exercises that focus on the back, chest, and upper body. It is common for men to have larger arms and wider shoulders, so paying particular attention to these areas of the body while working out at the gym are essential to acquiring a more masculine form. When trying to appear more like a man, it is important to focus on gaining muscle bulk in areas that are prominent in the male population.

Transgender Exercises to Become More Feminine

When it comes to appearing more feminine, transgender individuals should focus on becoming leaner. Losing weight can help biological males look more feminine, as fat stored in the male form tend to concentrate in areas that make it easy to identify a person as a man. Routine cardio exercises like running or cycling can help you lose weight and look leaner for a more feminine appearance.

Because natural males are wider at the shoulders than they are at the hips, it might also be ideal to perform exercises that focus mainly on the lower body, the glutes, and the legs in order to increase their size in proportion to your upper half. That is not to say however, that you should forgo exercising your upper body. Light weight multiple rep exercises and lifting can help your upper body look leaner and defined while acquiring a more female look.

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