There’s Something about Stephanie Hirst

There’s Something about Stephanie HirstIt can be a tough task to make a name for yourself as a transgender personality. There will always be discrimination, scrutiny, and insult. But none of that ever fazed Stephanie Hirst. The road to self-acceptance was long and treacherous, but Stephanie managed to weather the storm with her high-heels on.

There’s a lot to learn from her struggle and her story, and this day, people look up to Stephanie as an inspiration in order to learn how to accept themselves and forget what the rest of the world has to say.

Early Years

Stephanie Hirst was born Simon Hirst on July 31, 1975. She grew up in Leeds where she started her career at the age of 12 in the radio industry. She was mostly a helper, simply serving tea to DJ’s and radio guests. She moved her way up the ranks and by the age of 16, had already secured a spot on an overnight show at the same station.

Career and Personal Life

Simon Hirst was your average guy – except of course for the fact that he didn’t feel that way at all. When Simon reached the peak of his career, he felt his personal happiness was incongruent with his professional success. There were times that he had steady, long-term girlfriends and he never felt uncomfortable telling them how he felt only because he always thought he would never do anything about it.

For years, Simon struggled with the disparity between his gender and identity, often considering many ways to just end it all. But one day, the man decided it wasn’t time to end his life. And that’s when he came out to the public and announced his plans on becoming a woman. The world was stunned, but just as soon as the words came out of his mouth, thousands (if not millions) of supporters poured their love and acceptance for the man. This made it clear to him – he had made the right choice.

Simon took a break from his radio DJ job while he underwent gender reassignment. His fear was that he wouldn’t be able to be as successful after the sex change, but the worries were quickly turned aside. Stephanie Hirst couldn’t be any more successful than the woman she is now

These days, Stephanie Hirst is doing more than fiddling with the buttons and knobs on the high tech DJ controllers at the station. She is also a strong advocate of self-acceptance. She believes that the examples set by herself, Caitlyn Jenner, Kellie Maloney and numerous other transgender individuals has set the stage for a greater acceptance of their needs.

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