Top Tips for That Close Shave as a Transgender Person

razor-587625_640Transgender women have to go through a lot just to look a certain way and not many people can understand the process. Even if transgender women feel and act like women, they still have male parts and they have male hormones. This is why unless these hormones are totally suppressed, they still have facial hairs.

Shaving is a must for every transgender woman. In fact, she has to shave several times a day just to keep the hair from growing. If you are one, then you definitely understand how difficult a process this is. There are some tips though to ensure that you can have a perfect close shave and look really clean.

  • You need clean to use razors. This is the key to perfection. They must be clean and really sharp. This is to ensure that it would take time before the hair starts to grow back.
  • You don’t have to use a shaving cream. There are certain types of razors that won’t require you to use a cream anymore. As long as it is high quality razor, then it is good enough. It can also provide moisture to avoid skin issues.
  • Don’t go against the grain. It might seem effective to go against the grain, but the process can damage your skin. It can cause cuts, wounds and rashes.
  • Be careful. No matter how you want to just shave everything off, it will still come back. You need to be gentle.

Cover it with oils after shaving. Don’t put make up right away. It does not help. It will just irritate your skin. You can learn more about the after-shave techniques from Shaver Guide.

Once you have achieved your desired look, you have to stick to the process over and over again. It really is a long process to prepare if you are transgender. Achieving a feminine look when you have male hormones can be very tricky. Of course, there is nothing easy in staying pretty. You just have to keep doing what needs to be done in order to stay beautiful. Of course, you are beautiful.

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