Transgender Surgery – Recovery from the Surgery


After thinking a lot, I went under the knife to get the sex reassignment surgery done and recover at home with my parents. Though the recovery might range from weeks to months, the pain gradually fades away giving way to the pleasure of getting what I desired.

Eventually, like any other person, one might get worried about undergoing the gender reassignment surgery. Also, one might get worried thinking of its aftermath. The looks after the surgery, the period of recovery, the way others look at you, everything will be surrounding you. The same happened to me. I could not feel glad or relieved. I was suggested to take a fortnight of full time care that was provided by my parents. I took rest, relaxed and enjoyed home cooked food.

Basically, the sex reassignment surgery involves the altering of the person’s body type by changing the physical attributes as per the person’s desire. So, there are chances for the person to develop infections in the private parts where the surgery has taken place. I too developed a vaginal infection and suffered from the pain and got a new medication to treat the same.

The new list of medication is sure to make your energy levels low as you would already be facing low energy levels due to the surgery. The painkillers are sure to take a toll on your body that is striving to heal. I spent almost hours in bed all through the day having a very little sleep at night due to the pills and pain. I chose to stop the antibiotics that slowed by recovery, but I realized that it was steady.

I experienced limited movement as lying down is far less hurting than sitting. I was encouraged to go out for a walk, but I could hardly reach the road’s end as sharp pains were experienced at the nerve endings that were reconnected. At the affected area, I get a throbbing ache and unbearable pushing sensations that stayed for almost weeks. However, the recovery period was quite boring for me.

Talking about the recovery time, it is not only a painful time physically but also a strange time mentally. The discomfort and discharge that take place will stop you from developing a positive relationship with your altered body. You will get the constant urge to stay active, but your inability to even walk for a few meters will make you feel frustrated.

Gradually, the things were improving, and I went on a tour with my friend. This was three and a half weeks after the gender reassignment surgery. I started familiarizing with my new changed body and stepped up my activity by meeting my friends in cafes and testing my pain barrier by going out to places. Slowly, as I enjoyed my new body, the pain started fading away, and I started enjoying things that were happening to me.

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