Use These Tips for Choosing Shoes as a Transgender Woman


Shoes may make or break your outfit. However, shoe shopping can be a bit of challenge for transgender women with big feet. Those who can fit to size 10 or 11 may not face the same problem because most stores offer these sizes. You might find these tips helpful in choosing the shoe that “fits” in terms of size and style.

1. Find your size.

Before you start shopping for your shoes, make sure you know your right size. Women’s size 11 appears to be close to 10 for men and breaks the 1.5-size difference pattern.

2. Look for stores that offer your size.

If finding your size is a challenge, ask the store what their biggest size is before even choosing a style. Stores that offer up to size 13 include Shoesissima, Medissashoes, Translife and Doreenfashions. The great news is, they all have online stores where you can freely shop.

3. Consider the color.

Black is a classic color that can go with almost all outfits. Other neutral colors like brown always work, but you don’t have to stick with these colors all the time. It still pays to be bolder, so don’t be afraid to wear unexpected colors that raise your fashion level. Just don’t match your shoes with your outfit’s color if you are wearing a bright color. Try a related accent color to be edgy.

4. Consider the occasion.

Formal occasion calls for heels and sparkly designs while casual events call for casual styles. If you are not comfortable wearing heels, go for sophisticated flats or those that have more elaborate design. Of course, no shoe closet is complete without the best sneakers for standing all day. These are perfect for everyday wear and even goes well with most outfits.

5. Know the shoes that are ideal for your body frame.

The goal here is to balance your body shape. If you have a more prominent upper body, use darker shoe colors to bring the eye downwards. If you have a heavy lower body, keep the color basic. If you don’t have much curves, go for various styles that add dimension to your frame. If you have short torso and long legs, choose rounded toe shoes and if you have short legs and long torso, go for pointed toe flats and avoid horizontal details.

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